Arts and culture are an integral part of our history, playing an important role in shaping our futures. Unfortunately, students lack the due exposure as our education does not give enough importance to the historic developments and the current trends of visual arts in India. With the intent of rectifying the situation, Swaraj Art Archive and Serendipity Arts Trust have initiated an outreach program for students of various age groups in schools and colleges to give them a basic introduction to Indian Art. We have decided to use our collection to create interest in the arts in the form of an experience easily accessible to students, giving them an opportunity to sensitize and identify themselves with art.

The Art Outreach Project is a non-profit presence designed to promote and establish art appreciation as an integral part of elementary education in India so that students may be comfortable with talking about art in its various aspects by holding periodic exhibitions, interactive workshops and talks to explore India’s history by means of the visual evidence in paintings. Situated in sector 2, Noida, Swaraj Art Archive provides an inclusive environment for children, allowing them to create, experiment with and explore art using their own imagination along with the collection.

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